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The Prayer Times
April - June
Father David’s Pulpit
marathon. God will bless all of you. You
are in my prayers.
Doris Monroe
Whiting, NJ
Every Day it Gets Better....
We think the booklet
“A Few Minutes
of Prayer in the Home”
is marvelous.
We read it every day and try to live
according to the Gospel principles it
proposes. May God bless your efforts.
We are members of a parish which
passes the booklets out. We are in our
90’s and we hope every day gets better!
Francis & Mary O’Brien
Tucson, AZ
The Important Thing...
For many years I have been enjoying
the prayer booklet
“A Few Minutes of
Prayer in the Home”
Yet, for some
inexplicable reason my parish stopped
distributing them. May I become a dis-
tributor of the booklets to my parishio-
ners? May I get a large subscription in
my name? Your commentaries on the
Holy Scriptures have helped me main-
tain my focus on what is truly important.
Sincerely yours,
Thomas Toler
Vancouver, WA
Have you thought of sending the booklet
in electronic form and saving postage
and printing?
Michael B. George
Houston, TX
Michael, Thank you for your note. Our
website for the English and Spanish
booklets is: We
have offered the booklet electronically
for years. With almost ZEROdonations,
we would not be able to go on if it were
for internet alone.
-Fr. Jeffrey David
Write Us
Greetings fromTijuana! JUNE9, 1990ORDINATIONDAY! 24Years a priest!
Much is happening here. Many, many changes. There is a saying in the Com-
munities that “all change is for the best”... I sure hope so, because I am going
through my share of it right now.
I apologize if youhave attemted andbeenunsuccessful tying to communicate on
our 866-228-4305 toll-free line, But I will explain why you are having trouble.
Since 2003, A FEW MINUTES OF PRAYER IN THE HOME, Inc has been
located in the parish church of Our Lady of the Encarnación where I have
faithfully served as pastor since 2000 and associate pastor/chaplain since 1994.
However, the Archbishop recently requested the parish and installed Father
Israel Angeles Gil as Pastor.
My new (and old) role is that ofAFewMinutes of Prayer in the Home, Inc, KOINONIARADIO and the
KOINONIACOMMUNITY. I am grateful to the Archbishop for this because the parish is enormous,
and I was simply wearing too many hats and unable to do anything with the dedication it deserved.
However, this move also requires that we physically change address and installations and start some
new traditions. We need to rethink some of the things we were doing and how we were taking ad-
vantage of the benevolent circumstance of Pastor/parish and facilities, etc... all that made life easier.
Our new orders are simple. Separate PITH PRESS/KOINONIARADIO from a parish structure on its
own lot with the priests and religious sisters attending to the production and content of the religious
material being produced. However, meanwhile, we must continue to function with the printing press
(offsets), the Archdiocesan Printing Offices (digital) and radio station still at the parish.
Our new homes (priest’s rectory and Convent) are mobile homes. Separately, we are building a new
Center: the offset printing press on the first floor of the new building. Second floor will be reception,
Community offices, digital printing and the third floor will be radio and broadcast studios.
We need to finish soon, as the work is great and we need to liberate Encarnación church since we are
using four large classroom-sized rooms for PITH PRESS/KOINONIA things and the parish has very
little room. The new pastor is patient, but clearly would like us to move on.
This entails a great deal of investment. We have to leave the furniture we had in the rectory (the priests
who are there need it) and so we are without a stove and oven, microwave, toaster, toaster oven, dish
and serving sets... well, really the whole bit. It is uncomfortable, but we do need a bit of everything.
I need a dining room! Anyway the two of us priests will get along. We can sit at the card table and
eat. Heck, Pope Francis would be proud!
The construction will cost a bundle... you can see part of it by connecting to one of our Facebook pages
“Jeffrey David”
there you will find
and the like as to our progress. Hopefully you might
see it within your means to help us build this new media center which will be under our direction.
We also need to acquire a parcel of land next door where the Dicipulas de Jesus will reside. Many of
you already know (and love) Sister Rocio and recognize her contribution to the missionary activities,
not only in Cañada Verde, Camino Verde and within the Koinonia Community, but beyond our parish
to the city and the region. Our Sisters are active in the work of evangelization on TV and Radio, in
retreats and conferences, and any manner they can use to spread the Gospel message. We have a mobile
home for them, it needs a great deal of work, if anyone would like to volunteer and stay a while with
skills of carpentry, building, labor... we need your hands and your knowledge (and your resources).
Help. They are three wonderful religious Sisters.
As always, you are invited to come and see, stay and work. In a truly Christian sense, I am proud of
what we have accomplished in these 24 years of priestly ministry with and through you. Many of you
have been with me from the beginning. Many of you knew my Mama, spoke and worked with her to
help distribute the booklets and I am always grateful for your labor and generosity.
If you have tried to get through on the toll free line and have been unsuccessful because of our move,
please call me on my US cell phone: 619-540-9386 and I will attend to your needs.
I want to throw out some general needs as well. If you happen to have, or know someone who has
a working compact of semi-compact car (working) for my Associate Pastor and one for the Sisters, I
would be very appreciative. I was very fortunate to receive wheels from an Arizona Reader, but that
car remains with the Sisters who are dedicated to the parish work. Our Sisters who will be working
in the press and radio need a different car altogether. I need another chief 15,17 or 217 offset printer.
I need a hot gum binding machine. I need a UV machine. I need a spiral binding machine. I need a
generator for when the lights go out. Mini splits to make the place tolerable... etc...
I am so excited about this leg of my priestly journey. Through all of you, God has been so good to me
in helping me realize the ministerial dreams of doing so much with so little. I can only say that my life
as a priest has been full and beautiful and I would recommend a priestly vocation to anyone considering
the seminary. Where else could you live such a wonderful adventure and have such meaningful work.
May God bless all of you. Pray for us in these moments of change and renewal.
~Fr. Jeffrey David