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The Prayer Times
Hi Father Jeff, wishing you great
blessings. We would love to have the
opportunity to go down and visit, but
we have not had the time. Thank you
for everything you do.
Dick Nordsieck
Santa Bárbara, CA
--Dick, I would love for you to come
down. I have very fond memories of
you and Gerri and the wonderful pro-
life work you were doing (and hopefully
continue to do). If you come, I promise
to take good care of you and give you a
tour of our missionary labors, Baja Cal-
ifornia is gorgeous.
-Fr. Jeffrey David
Solace in Prison....
I write these few lines to tell you how
much I enjoy readingAFEWMINUTES
booklet every day. It helps make my
time here bearable. The Sister who
attends to us brings the booklets each
month and I love to read them. The
reason why I am writing is because I
have a question. Could you send the
booklets to my house? I will be leaving
prison in a month and would like to
continue receiving the material -- but
I do not have any money to pay for
them. But hopefully I will start to work
soon and I can help out... be assured I
will make my contributions. Would you
consider my petition? God’s blessings
upon you.
Antonio Carrillo
Phoenix AZ
-Antonio. Thank you for writing. We
thankAlmightyGod that our poor efforts
pay suchagreat dividend. I amgrateful
that our reflections help you spiritually
and emotionally in these very difficult
moments of your life incarcerated.
Of course we will send the booklets to
your home. All you need to do is inform
us of your address and phone and the
number of booklets you wish to receive
in English and/or Spanish and we will
have them to you right away.
About the money. The booklet is not
sold. We are a donation only ministry.
What you give is what we receive. Many
peoplesimplycannot give...manysimply
will not. God will decide and He will not
be outdone in generosity!.
Welcome to our family. peace and
blessings be yours.
-Fr. Jeffrey David
Please removeme fromyou list of Read-
ers. I do not appreciate your sendingme
that “end of year” letter showingme that I
havenot donated. Iwasunable todonate
anything last year due to factors out of
my control. If this is your business, why
do you not come out and declare it so?
Maria Guzman
Albuquerque, NM
María, It is not our intention to hurt or
insult our Readers, the tax receipt letters
are a service to our Readership, nothing
more. We love and serve every one of
ourReaders. Wepraydailyat HolyMass
for our Readers and their intentions. We
are in the “real world” and the IRS may
require a reciept for your donations in
Please, Write Us!
Prayer in the Home Press
P.O. Box 434210
San Ysidro, CA 92143-4210
case of an audit. Therefore, this letter
is important for thosewhomare claiming
deductions on their income taxes. As
you have requested, we removed your
name from the mailing list, if you would
like to continue to receive the reading
materials fromA Few Minutes of Prayer
in the Home, simply let us know. God’s
abundant blessings upon you.
~Fr Jeffrey David
Thank you for the booklet
“A Few Min-
utes of Prayer in the Home”
Prayer Times,”
they have been a great
blessing for me as I am unable to leave
the house for medical reasons. I have
no family where I live and the spiritual
material has been a great grace for me.
Please remember me in your prayers.
Larry Hoffman
Abilene, TX
Of course, Larry! Thank you for writing
us... andyouaredefinitely inour prayers.
-Fr. Jeffrey David
Life is a Marathon....
Thank you for all the timeandenergy you
dedicate to your ministries. The booklet
“AFewMinutesofPrayer intheHome”
that yousend tomygrandchildren. Don’t
give up! Life is a
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