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For the first time, the Religious Sisters THE TRINITARIAS DE MARIA offered a concert to benefit Koinonia Radio.
The concert was held in the construction of the new Cathedral in the Zona Rio section of Tijuana.
It was truly a blessed night of hymns, worship of the Blessed Sacrament and joyous praise. The songs were sung
mostly in Spanish, with some English and Latin.
The scenery was spectacular, a tribute to the Virgin Mary and the entire event
was awe inspiring.
The CD audio discs are available from PITH PRESS INC for a donation of ten
dollars plus postage $ 3.95 It is a two disc set, one being Christmas songs and the other songs of worship and
praise. All songs performed live by the Sisters -- professionally done with studio quality.
We humbly thank our God for these Sisters who from their monastery came to bring us the good news and sing
inspiring songs of God’s great mercy and joy. We thank the Sisters for their desire to help this ministry of the Radio
and of the Archdiocese as well. It is a $13.95 donation.
Koinonia Online
Due to causes outside our control and certainly against our will, Koinonía Radio stopped its transmissions for 800 AM of “Cadena Baja California”
which enjoys coverage on AM from Southern Rosarito through to Southern Orange County in Southern California.
Since the 1st of April our transmissions have been through the internet.
Our web page: has been renewed and greater emphasis has been placed, not only on the audio experience, but on the visual as well.
Now our website hosts all of our Catholic programming.
We are advanced in the process of receiving permission from the Government of Mexico to be granted an FM station at 30 to 40k watts. The FM
range is more limited than AM, but the sound and today’s digital quality is outstanding. We have been assured by the Mexican Telecommunications
Commission that our petition will be accepted. We are currently undergoing a radio phonic study to assign us a frequency and the exact wattage. We
are hoping to be able to resume broadcasting within a few months. As a station that is “educational/cultural” in emphasis, we will not have to pay the
enormous costs that are incurred in commercial radio. More in future editions of the Prayer Times.
During Lent and Easter seasons, our religious Sisters of the Archdiocese prepare themselves through joint
day of recollection and retreats.
In the Monastery of the Religious Sisters of the Cross, over 100 religious women of the Archdiocese gathe-
red under the direction of Sister Rocío Arias, Disciple of Jesus and member of the Council of the Koinonía
Community (and former coordinator)
Her conferences were modeled on the Apostolic Exhortation: “The Joy of the Gospel.”
Sister shared from her extensive experiences as a religious woman in Mexico and in the United States. “I
felt deeply privileged to be able to share with my Sisters in the Religious life, the joy of being messengers of
the Gospel and serve others.” Said Sister Rocío. “I could see the enthusiasm of their YES to follow Jesus,”
she continued: “THE GOSPEL HAS POWER!”
Spiritual Excercises....
The New and the Old...
We at A Few Minutes of Prayer in the Home Press, Inc are working diligently to bring you
a renewed visit to many of your favorite titles from our twenty two years of publishing
material to assist the Readers to grow in their knowledge of the liturgical year, rituals and
the daily use of the Holy Scripture. We are re-editing and modernizing many of our Special
Editions and have many new titles in the works for your edification.
~The Holy Mass ~Penance and Reconciliation ~Sacrament of Hope, Annointing of
the Sick ~Christian Commitment, The Sacrament of Confirmation ~New Life, The
Sacrament of Baptism ~Quinceañera, Time
to Take a Stand ~Holy Orders, Do this in
Memory of Me ~The Promise, Christian
Funeral Rites ~Holy Matrimony, As Long
as We Both Shall Live ~ 40 Days, A Lenten
Tour ~Christmas Novena ~The Holy Rosary ~ Advent Tour of Light ~Our Lady of Guada-
And many more...
We are also, at this minute working on (and/or commissioning) many new titles:
~St. John Paul, the Great ~St. John XXIII ~Covenant Living -- The Rise of the Charismatic
Covenant Communities ~Social Justice -- A Renewed Perspective ~A Just War? ~Questions
and Answers ~Pope Frances, A New Call ~Catholic Philosophy for Dummies ~Abortion,
Euthanasia, Capital Punishment -- A New Look ~Married Priests? ~Pneumatology
more... As the booklets are written, they will be offered in English and Spanish -- as always,
through your donations -- we don’t charge. We are exited about our new beginnings!
Concert -- Pro-Radio with the TRINITARIAN SISTERS
More Than Just a Monthly Booklet....