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Edition 14, Number 3
The Prayer Times
The Quarterly BUlletin of Prayer in the Home Press
April - June 2014
A New Perpetual Adoration Chapel in Tijuana
We’re Moving
A perpetual adoration Chapel is a place of prayer
where the Blessed Sacrament is permanently ex-
posed for prayer and for the expiation of sins. Saint
John Paul, the Great, said “An effective means to
establish lasting peace on the face of the Earth is
through the great power of perpetual Adoration to
the Blessed Sacrament.” In Latin America Perpe-
tual Adoration should be our “norm.” It’s wides-
pread application of such a generous Presence in
the Blessed Sacrament should be “In each parish, a
chapel of worship”, said he.
We chose to cooperate with the exhortation of Fa-
ther Patricio Hileman, founder of the Missionaries of our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament, who
now travels the world to promote the inauguration Blessed Sacrament Chapels of Perpetual Ado-
Given that Mexico is a Eucharistic country and also enjoys the presence of the Blessed Virgin of
Guadalupe, should serve to encourage Mexicans to an even more faithful perpetual adoration.
“She is who asks us to carry out this work to give honor to the glorious resurrected body of her
son, she will provide the resources and the donors of good will” said the priest.
In Mexico, over 400 perpetual Adoraration chapels have been initiated. With the help of many
committed laity and people of good will, you can begin to imagine the time when thousand of
Perpetual Adoration chapels will be dedicated here in Mexico.
Father Patricio Hileman inaugurated the Perpetual Adoration Chapel in the parish Our Lady of
the Incarnation with a Eucharistic Celebration.
The Church was full of elated faithful, who were motivated by having a chapel of its kind in this
area of the city. The Chapel is located on the third floor of this parish and it exposed the Blessed
Sacrament for adoration, personal, community and for transmission through our website.
We are very grateful for the opening of the Blessed Sacrament chapel and for the 24 hour Adora-
tion. The work ahead is to maintain that worship as a permanent part of the parish life.
Unfortunately, we have to face tremendous difficulties. The chapel has been robbed, the camera
to convey the image of the Blessed Sacrament on line has been stolen on various occasions as well
as other damage to the chapel.
We were blessed by a Reader in the San Diego area who
donated a new video camera to broadcast the Blessed
Sacrament. You can see the Blessed Sacrament in the
Adoration chapel at:
Our desire is to join with the Archbishop, Don Rafael
Romo Muñoz, who published in his pastoral exhorta-
tion on the Jubilee of the 50th anniversary of the Ar-
chdiocese of Tijuana: “That Tijuana is a Eucharistic
God bless this project and every effort to support it.
May it bear fruit!
We wish to extend the warmest possible welcome to the new
Pastor of The Incarnat ion Cathol ic Church, Reverend Father
Israel Ángeles Gi l, born in the city of Cuitzeo, Michoacán, Méx-
ico, who just seven months prior f inished his studies in the city
of Rome, Ita ly, with the highest dist inct ion with a specia lty in
Inst itut iona l Communicat ion in the Church, from the Pont i f i-
ca l University of the Holy Cross, this is a great blessing for the
parish Church of Our Lady of the Incarnat ion and a greater
help st i l l for the project of transmit t ing the Word of God via
mass media en Koinonía Radio. Welcome Father Israel, we wi l l
be together “Raising our voice to Evangel ize.”
New Pastor
We are beginning anew here at Prayer in the Home
We will be moving to a new Media center for the
Archdiocese. In that newcenter wewill concentrate
the offset printing, digital printing, internet web
evangelization and the radio/TV ministry in one
building completely separate from the parish setting
wherewehavebeenworking for the last twelveyears.
We are going to try to make “a silk purse with sow’s
ears.” We have two mobile homes donated (we had
to pay $2,000 a piece for import duties and trans-
portation) and two multi-purpose mobile units (one
being a triple-widewith living quarters and the other
an educational module) with the same liability. We
already owned the property and are currently lands-
caping andbuilding the retainingwalls necessary for
the mobile units to remain in their place.
At the same time, we are building. In the next
edition of THE PRAYER TIMES we will include a
“blueprint” of the new building. We are advancing
rapidly due to the confidence of many people who
are fronting the material and the same workers in
the print shop are chargedwith the construction! Do
not be too surprised, this is how we have built for
the last twenty years! They know how to print and
are great construction workers as well!
The first floor of the new center will be the offset
printing (the monthly booklet, The Prayer Times,
parish bulletins (non-color) and books, booklets,
brochures that are one or two color printing), the
secondfloorwill bedigital printing, offices, reception
area and a place for sales of our many bee-based
products and printed material, as well as religious
goods. At the reception area, priests of the Arch-
diocese will be able to place orders for print jobs
of all kinds. The third floor will be our broadcast
media center with three large recording cabins and
two individual recording boxes, the control center
and communications connections to our antenna,
fiber-optic and satellite uplinks.
We pray the new facilities will cut down on noise
and interference from the parish settings (and
bells) and allow us the room to grow and better
serve the people of God through our efforts at
evangelization through the Word proclaimed in
mass media.
Pray for us... and please help us reach our goals.